A Fourth of July to Remember

Every year on the Fourth of July, this country celebrates our independence from Britain. What better way to spend this holiday than with the veterans who sacrificed so much to maintain that freedom. Across the nation, the American Red Cross volunteers serve in 153 VA hospitals where men and women who fought for our country receive care. The Red Cross recognizes these veterans as the American heroes they are.

Here in St. Louis I joined other volunteers to make sure our veterans were able to celebrate a joyous Independence Day. For the past seven years, the St. Louis Red Cross has hosted bingo and lunch for veterans at the Jefferson Barrack’s VA Hospital. Volunteers passed out t-shirts, assisted residents to and from the event space, and made sure they had as much of the delicious Sugarfire Smokehouse BBQ as they desired. With the wonderful food, live music, and competitive bingo games, the day went extremely well. I was thankful for the many volunteers who wanted to make sure these veterans had a Fourth of July to remember.

As the veterans left the event, they had chocolate bars, Red Cross shirts and huge smiles on their faces. Those smiles along with the gratitude they expressed made the event completely worth it. I was so proud to represent the Red Cross and all that the organization stands for.

Red Cross Communications Intern

Published by: Hannah Goldstein

Communications Intern






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