MARC Helps Flood Victims


When the late December floods hit rural Missouri, a veteran of two foreign wars (Korea and Vietnam) lost his home and all his possessions. In frigid temperatures, this nearly blind American hero slept in his car for over a week, until he visited a Red Cross organized Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC). The Red Cross set up seven MARCs after the holiday floods so those affected could receive support and service from dozens of relief organizations at one location. At the Jefferson County MARC, the Red Cross registered the veteran at a local hotel, provided money for meals and helped him begin his recovery plan. He was just one of thousands the Red Cross assisted after the late December floods. By the middle of February, the Red Cross had provided 707 overnight shelter stays; served nearly 57,000 meals and snacks and distributed 27,919 relief items including shovels, rakes, gloves and tarps for those affected. What would have happened to this veteran had the Red Cross not responded. Please support our lifesaving work – donate online at


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