The Luna Family; A Story of Hope

LunaSunday, January 3, marks one week since Tamara and her family were rescued from the floodwaters that quickly overtook their home. As she was being whisked to safety with her children, Tamera was scared and uncertain about what would happen next. “I didn’t know where we would go and I knew there was no money to pay for a motel. We didn’t even have a car anymore,” she said. When she and her family stepped out of the boat, there were people there who gave them hope. Directing them to a bus, which took them to the Red Cross Shelter a few miles away in Granite City, MO.

LunaFamilyThat night, there were 90 people who sought shelter together, and today there are still many people, like Tamara and her family, who continue to need the Red Cross shelter. “The water is going down, but not quickly,” said Tamara. “We just don’t know when we will be able to go home, and worse than that, is the feeling that we don’t know what we will be going home to.”

Red Cross continues to provide a warm dry place to sleep for these families whose lives are riddled with uncertainty. “The volunteers have been so comforting and kind. Just knowing we don’t have to worry about where we will sleep and how we will feed the kids is truly a relief,” said Tamara. “We can focus on what we can do to move forward since we don’t have to worry about these basic needs.”

This comfort, provided by the Red Cross, is only possible through the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. It is only possible because of YOU. Your monetary gift is transformed into a hot meal, a dry warm blanket; Hope.

*Granite City Shelter

Photographer: K.N. Holderby, Red Cross Public Affairs  Volunteer


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