Hillview, IL Flooded After Levy Breach

Hillview4 Hillview Hillview2 Hillview3

Hillview, Illinois, population 50, flooded when Hurricane Creek breached the levy protecting the small community.  As rescuers picked up five people by boat, water to the town was shut off. Residents needed assistance.

Although a very small community, volunteers with the American Red Cross traveled to Hillview to provide dinner for those affected by the floods.  Thanks to Brother Jason of Hillview Southern Baptist Church, residents had a dry spot to rest and eat hot meals provided by the Red Cross. Our volunteers also supplied drinking water.

“The people of Hillview know the American Red Cross is there for them when they need them the most,” said Hillview Mayor Arthur Long.

Mayor Long, says their town has had a long-standing relationship with the American Red Cross dating back to 1993.  “I know the people of Hillview are thankful for the Red Cross being here tonight, just like they were in 1993,” said Long.

A dozen people made their way through the flood waters to the church for a warm meal, something to drink and companionship.


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