Train the Trainers


Every now and then it’s a good idea to brush up on preparedness skills and learn new ones. The need for these skills could arise at any moment so staying sharp is vital for trainees and trainers. The “Train the Trainers” class was held on Thursday, July 25th at the Greater St. Louis Chapter for volunteers and Community Volunteer Leaders.

A Community Volunteer Leader (CVL) is a single point of contact for a community with the primary goal of developing, building and expanding the presence of the Red Cross in a given area. CVL’s are leaders in the community.  While CVL’s may be current Red Cross volunteers, the goal is to expand and focus efforts on growing our volunteer base. The CVL support is tailored to the communities they serve and aligned with regional objectives.

IMGP0812 IMGP0814

Roy Gillespie, CVL for the Greater St. Louis Chapter Area, worked with local mayors in North County, including State Representative Tommie L. Pierson, to recruit volunteers for the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. The Home Fire Preparedness Campaign aims to save lives, reduce injuries and build more resilient communities through raising awareness, facilitating preventative actions, and fostering community participation. The national goal is a 25% reduction in home fire deaths and injuries in the next five years.

Local mayors selected staff members to take a “Train the Trainers” session, presented by Nicole Hawkins.  The group included one North County fire chief, 5 police officers, and several public work directors and employees. They participated in the training to learn how to install smoke alarms and provide fire prevention information.




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