Three Ways to Help Nepal Earthquake Relief Through the Red Cross

The global Red Cross network, led by the Nepal Red Cross, has mounted an international relief effort to provide emergency humanitarian assistance following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

How Can I Help?

If you’re wondering how to help Nepal earthquake victims, you have three easy options:

1. Donate online to Nepal earthquake relief on

RCO donation_Nepal

2. Visit your iTunes store to find a donation link.

RedCross in iTunes_Nepal

3. Spread the word on relief efforts and ways to help online. Find and share information on social channels, including the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Twitter account and our very own Facebook and Twitter posts.

What We’ve Done So Far

  • Funds: The American Red Cross is committing an initial $300,000 to the response operation and working closely with the Nepal Red Cross and the global Red Cross network to coordinate additional support.
  • Relief Items: The Red Cross has approximately 19,000 non-food relief kits available in Nepal which include clothing, kitchen sets, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, and personal hygiene items. Nearly 1,200 tarpaulins have already been distributed to displaced families and the Red Cross is activating its logistics systems in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai to mobilize additional relief materials in the coming days.
  • Information and People: Field assessment teams are making their way to Nepal, including an information management delegate deployed from the American Red Cross, to obtain a more accurate assessment of the destruction. In total, eight American Red Cross disaster specialists are on their way to Nepal to support emergency relief, cash transfer programming, information management and IT/telecoms. The American Red Cross is also providing remote mapping and information management support.


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