Disaster Services helps disaster victims and heroes

By Brett Murray, Communications Intern

Every day throughout our 66-county region, American Red Cross Disaster Services volunteers respond to local home fires. They insure that families who suffer these individual disasters have a safe place to stay, clothing, warm meals and emotional support.  At these fires, Red Cross volunteers not only aid the families, they also provide refreshments to the firefighters who respond. Volunteers for decades have given cookies and punch to those who battle the blaze.

Recently, Disaster volunteers went on a fire call. It was one of the responders first time “in the field,” and many of the veteran firefighters joked about how he had to try “the famous Red Cross punch.” The Red Cross has a long-standing commitment to help these men and women as they help others.  It was eye-opening to learn that drinking our punch is seen as a “rite of passage” for the first responders.  It told me that the Red Cross mission goes beyond basic necessities.

Whether it’s providing refreshments to the firefighters or providing shelter to the victims of a fire, the Red Cross is here to help. For more information about our Disaster Services, click here and for more images of Disaster Services, click here.


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