Red Cross Helps Service Man See Father During Critical Time

By Jacob Meinkoth, Communications Intern

Chief Petty Officer Stephen Meyer, from Saint Charles Missouri, was aboard the USS Mesa Verde when his father suddenly became very ill. Stephen’s mother, Linda, desperately wanted her son to see his father before he passed.  Linda had to reach Stephen quickly because her son’s ship was due to leave port.  If the ship left the dock, Stephen very likely wouldn’t get home in time to see his father. Fortunately, Linda called the American Red Cross. A caseworker asked her for the name of his ship, where exactly he was stationed, and his rank. Armed with the information, the Red Cross made all the arrangements. Within hours, Stephen called his mother and let her know that he was approved. In less than 24 hours, Stephen was home with his dad. “If it hadn’t been for the Red Cross, Stephen wouldn’t have been able to see his dad before he passed,” his mother said.

Last year, the Red Cross helped more than 1,600 military families in the Greater St. Louis Region with 3,762 services, including emergency communications.


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