The St. Louis Red Cross Chapter Breathes Life into Safety Class

IMG_0452 IMG_0495

By Jacob Meinkoth, Communications Intern

On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 the Red Cross held a CPR certification class for professionals. The class covers CPR for adults, children, and infants. The students learn breathing techniques, how to perform chest compressions, and how to use AEDs.
“The class is very informative. Actually practicing these techniques really helped me retain all of the information. I feel I will be able to perform these life saving techniques should the need ever arise … , ” said Ciera, a 20 year old, planning (studying) to become a dental hygienist.
Red Cross instructor Karen has been teaching the class for 14 years; she is a true expert! Those attending the class were a diverse, eclectic group of 15 students, who wanted to delve deeper into their prospective profession. Most plan to join the medical field, as a nurse, physical therapist, dental assistant, and one student even aspires to become an EMT. The class is a fast-paced mix of lecture and hands-on practice using test mannequins. These mannequins make a clicking noise when chest compressions reach deep enough. At the end of the class, students take a comprehensive test covering all the information and techniques they learned throughout 6-hour class.
I’m happy to report, today, all passed and left the classroom better equipped to handle any challenge that they could face in their bright futures.


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