Celebrating Our Lifesavers: Law Enforcement

**As we prepare for the Lifesaver 2014 Awards Breakfast on March 13th at the Chase Park Plaza, please join us on our blog as we share the stories and extraordinary efforts of this year’s honorees.**


By Emily Cutka, Communications Intern

Watching Craig Beeson and Detective Bret Carbray laugh and joke with one another, you’d think they were old friends. But they really haven’t known each other that long. In fact, the two can probably pinpoint the exact moment when they became friends: it was the day Detective Carbray saved Beeson’s life.

His job is to save people, though. As a detective with the Lake St. Louis Police Department, Carbray has seen things most of us can’t even imagine; things that don’t always have a happy ending. Thankfully, though, this story does.

The off-duty detective and his family were driving home from an out-of-town baseball tournament when he noticed an undamaged car stopped in the median. The driver, Beeson, was visibly slumped over the steering wheel. The vehicle –which had miraculously stopped in neutral –was locked and Beeson was unresponsive. Just as Detective Carbray was preparing to bust out a window to gain access, his wife noticed the open sunroof, allowing them enough space to reach in and unlock the doors.

Upon removing Beeson from the car, Detective Carbray found no pulse or signs of breathing. So with his wife and children looking on, he performed CPR for nearly 15 minutes until the paramedics arrived. Today, Beeson is almost completely recovered. He’s definitely feeling well enough to share jokes with the man who gave him mouth-to-mouth.

Police officers are used to the odds being stacked against them on certain cases, but on that spring day, the opposite was true. Neither Beeson nor Detective Carbray can quite make sense of the circumstances surrounding the incident, but they would both agree that everything worked out for the best.

On March 13th at the Chase Park Plaza, Detective Carbray will Drury Hotels Stacked Logobe honored with the Law Enforcement Award at our annual Lifesaver Awards Breakfast.  We would like to thank Drury Hotels, the official Sponsor of the Law Enforcement Award, for partnering with the Red Cross to celebrate a local hero.

For more information on the Lifesaver 2014 Awards Breakfast, visit redcross.org/stl.


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