Rampin’ Up for Oklahoma.

By Sarah McLaughlin, Communications intern

With the recent tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma, a lot of you may be asking: What exactly is the Red Cross doing to help?

Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013

Well if you haven’t been watching the news lately or checking in on social media, let me fill you in!

It’s my first time being involved in a national disaster situation and being hands-on, I have learned SO much. From media interviews, to telethons and news releases about helping Oklahoma victims – life has been crazy–and I am not even in Oklahoma! I cannot even begin to imagine how incredible it must be to see the Oklahoma City American Red Cross disaster workers and volunteers, band together to support everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.

The Red Cross is diligently working around the clock with all those impacted by these horrific tornadoes and will be on the ground for weeks to get the people of Oklahoma back on their feet.

So now you may be asking yourself: How can I help? Great question!

Everyone is invited to come down to Busch Stadium tonight, prior to the Manchester City v. Chelsea soccer match, and be an active participant in the #STL4OKC campaign by donating funds for the Oklahoma disaster relief efforts. We are so thrilled to have Mayor Slay, St. Louis Rams’ Sam Bradford and Switch with us. By donating funds, you are responsible for giving Oklahoma victims immediate relief – donations can be accessed quickly and be used right away so people can get what they need most.

If you can’t make it to tonight’s event, #STL4OKC continues tomorrow at the Kirkwood Commons — where we will be from 8am-7pm accepting financial donations. Please stop by and take the time to give back to the victims of the Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes!

The Red Cross has shown me how important it is to be strong for others in the face of disaster, and although it may not seem like much, even a little help means the world to Oklahoma.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this amazing event!


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