Americorps Week: Made in Americorps!

It is officially AmeriCorps week – a time for AmeriCorps members and alums to be recognized for how they have been “Made in AmeriCorps.”  Our current members decided to spend some time helping out Brightside St. Louis.  We met Craig Schmidt, Alderman of the 20th ward in St. Louis, and got to work cleaning up alleys.  Although it was cold outside, our hearts were warmed by the impact our service was making.  We could really tell how our work of picking up trash was really helping making the alleys cleaner.

As a spoof of Toby Keith’s Made in America song, we decided to rewrite the lyrics to fit the AmeriCorps week theme.  The lyrics reflect what we do on a daily basis.  See the lyrics below and watch out for the release of our music video!

Made in AmeriCorps

song courtesy of Toby Keith –

Disaster Dan is the man
Making sure people have a plan
And to make a kit and be informed.
It breaks his heart seein’ homes that are
Not prepared for a flood or fire.
Let’s help America beat the storm.
We wear the red, white, blue
And we get things done.
We work hard but we still have fun.
We will help the poor or those with more

To strengthen our community
Faced with adversity, we persevere
To make people safe throughout the year.
We take action, we are, made in AmeriCorps!
When disaster strikes, whether day or night
We are there to make things right.
We work together and collaborate.
We help you, make it through
First responders, we help you too.
We will respond any day.


Born in the heartland,
Raised by volunteers
Thank you Clara Barton and Uncle Sam!


Made in AmeriCorps
Made in AmeriCorps,
Disaster Dan, is the man,
He’s made in AmeriCorps.


Greater St. Louis Region Americorps Members from left to right: Jason Bengtson, Allyson Pope, Marianne Murchison, Clare Bultmann, Claudia Blackman, Natalie Gemberling, Erica Suhling, and Dan Herzmann.


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