Pulse: Who’s Speaking? Emergency Preparedness Academy 2013


Masthead_Version 2

Topics and their Speakers

Impact Based Warning Project for
Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

-Jim Kramper, National Weather Service

Life Safety Risks to Schools from Non-Structural
Earthquake and Tornado Damage

-Michael J. Griffin, Creative Construction Solutions Group Inc.

The Story of Baton Rouge Community College After
Hurricane Katrina

-Dr. Myrtle Dorsey, St. Louis Community College

Preparing Employees for Emergencies Away from Work 

-Mark Schuerman, Monsanto

The VirtualOperations Support Team for Disaster

-John Orlando, Emergency Management Consultant

Faith-Based Disaster Relief Plan for Our Community

-Gwen Vicari and Jim McAfee, Belleville Assembly of God

Francis Howell Central is Bully Free: A Student
Centered Approach to Bullying

-Jeremy Rohrback, Francis Howell Central High School
Introduction to Map Your Neighborhood

-Greg Hempen, State of Missouri

Why People Survive Catastrophic Events

-Mark Bagby, Washington University

The Occupationaal Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) Response to Joplin

-Mike Minicky, CSP, OSHA

School Exacuation and Family Reunification

-Jason Matlock and Julie Young-Burns, Minneapolis
Public Schools, Office of Emergency Management,
Safety and Security

Active Shooters: How to Respond

-Doug Wiese, Monsanto Global Security

Bullying: Prevention and Response

-Meg Petri, Progressive Youth Connection

Hands Only CPR, Conscious Choking and Demo
of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) 

-American Red Cross

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