Red Cross Month: Celebrating a Resilient Community.

By Tameka, #stlredcross Maven 🙂

Today, the 1st is the first day of the annual “March is Red Cross Month“, when we celebrate Everyday Heroes who in some way help their community by giving of themselves.  This includes the thousands of volunteers, blood donors, class takers and financial supporters all over the Greater St. Louis Region who have supported our mission.

Strangely enough, a year ago today was my first official day as a member of the Communications team here at Corporate Square. The first week was a whirlwind, almost literally, as tornadoes rolled through Harrisburg, Illinois the week before. There was a lot to learn and not enough time to learn it. But somehow I picked the tools of the trade up quickly because as a Red Crosser, that’s what you do — you learn and act immediately.

As the months have come and gone, I’ve watched volunteers bend over backwards and work long hours. I’ve seen our Board financially and otherwise participate in so many of our events and initiatives, from the Lifesaver Awards to Holiday Mail for Heroes. Lovers of life, young and old, have come into our offices, to give blood and help save lives. And because of the widespread support of the St. Louis region, I’ve experienced the gratitude of those who have been assisted by our amazing Disaster Action Team, from an everyday emergency to the Midtown apartment fire in July, which affected over a hundred people.

Everyday, I come in contact with a hero – someone who sacrifices themselves in some way for the Red Cross mission and for the St. Louis community to be safe, prepared and most of all, resilient.

Thanks to all the heroes who inspire us — we have a lot to celebrate.

Below: check out our 2012 numbers — all thanks to you, our supporters.



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