Hello ladies and gents, I’m (see photo), communications intern with the American Red Cross. You’ll be reading some stories from me from time to time. This is the first of a series of posts and stories titled “Pulse.”  Feel free to leave comments and get engaged with my stories and posts! I’m only in my second week at the Red Cross and I have already met many awesome people, some from our Disaster Assistance Teams, AmeriCorps, as well as Health and safety. Not to mention the cool peeps that I work with in the office on a regular basis. Some people may ask why intern for the American Red Cross? I give you my answer – the Red Cross carries an impressive legacy as a nonprofit organization, which makes it a great place for me to gain experience in nonprofit communications. Bring on the adventures. Speaking of adventures…

archivesWe are coming up on the anniversary of the 1993 flood. If anyone out there has any cool stories/photos of the flood of 1993, that involve the American Red Cross, please share them. Nothing is quite as exciting as searching through boxes of archived information (see photo), however, it would be great to hear from some of the blog readers to get a fresh look at your experiences with the American Red Cross in relationship to this historic flood.


Check back in the future to hear about some of the things that are going on both in the office and out.

Alex- Communications Intern


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