How to Have a Fright-less Fright Night

By Elena, Regional Preparedness Specialist

It’s been at least 15 years since I last went trick-or-treating, but I still remember it fondly. Every year, I would eagerly wait for my dad to come home from work so he could take me around the neighborhood. Usually you couldn’t see a lot of my costume, since I was bundled up. Even in October, it can be pretty cold in Iowa. (I remember it snowing at least once!)

It’s Swine Flu & Germ-X! Halloween fun at the office.

My dad carried a flashlight and my costumes always had something light colored on them so cars could see me. I quickly walked up to the houses with their lights on to get my haul and would say thank you and hurry back to my dad as we continued our route. My goal was always to get as much candy as possible, but I waited to eat it until I got home and my mom went through it to make sure it was safe.

Eventually, I outgrew the watchful eye of my dad, and would go trick or treating with a group of friends. We always stayed in the neighborhood and only went were we told our parents we would.

Halloween is lots of fun for kids and adults alike and by taking just a few precautions you can keep the frights to the ghosts and goblins.

See more tips here!


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