VIDEO: National Preparedness Month – “Make A Plan!”

September is National Preparedness Month! We, AmeriCorps members, want you to take action this month to be Red Cross Ready. We will be doing a three part video blog: “Get a Kit”, “Make a Plan”, and “Be Informed”. Make sure you stay tuned next week as we release a video with Disaster Dan and Sandy!

Andy’s girlfriend, Sandy, wants to learn more about disaster preparedness so she visited the American Red Cross. In today’s video episode for National Preparedness Month, we talk with Sandy about making a plan.

Who should have a plan? Everybody should have a plan of action in the event of an emergency or disaster. Families should meet together to put together their plan.

What is included in your plan? Your plan should include two meeting places – one outside of your home and one outside your neighborhood. Choose an out-of-area emergency contact and keep their information in your cell phone and disaster supplies kit.

When should you make a plan? Right now!! Talk with your family about making a disaster plan. Make sure you include evacuation drills in your plan.

Where do you if a disaster happens? If you had to evacuate, you want to make sure you know how to get out of your house and out of your town. You should practice evacuating at least twice a year.

Why do you need a plan? A plan is an important step for being prepared for a disaster or emergency. Your plan will help your family after a disaster or emergency.

Check out the Be Red Cross Ready checklist for more information about making a plan here.


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