VIDEO: National Preparedness Month – “Be Informed!”

September is National Preparedness Month, and this is our last installment of our video series! We, AmeriCorps members, want you to take action this month and from now on, to be Red Cross Ready. Make sure that you have gotten a kit, made a plan and that you are informed, in case of an emergency– and thanks for watching!

Who should be informed? Everyone should take efforts to be informed. Make sure to communicate with other family member in your household. Also, it is a good idea to communicate with elderly family members outside your house and neighbors.

What are ways to be informed? Pay attention to updates from the television, radio (hand crank preferred), storm sirens, loved ones, and pay attention to weather signals. Smart phone users should consult the Red Cross website for weather alert apps available for download.

What is the difference between a disaster “warning” and a “watch?” A watch lets people know a disaster is possibly forming. One might say “watch the sky for clues.” A warning alerts people that a disaster has been spotted and people should get out of the way, or “watch out!”

What are visible weather signals for a disaster?  Typically winds will increase and are often accompanied by rain, hail, and/or snow. The sky usually darkens significantly and may turn green.


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