St. Louis Red Cross is Saving Lives!

Urgent need for blood and platelet donors

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This morning at the Greater St. Louis regional headquarters, people rolled up their sleeves to donate blood! We hosted a blood drive for the Missouri-Illinois Blood Services Region. With the amount of blood collected just this morning – we will help save more than 50 lives! What an amazing thing!

Pictured above: Red Cross employees Hannah Bruce and Chris Shanahan, Red Cross intern (and first-time donor!) Kyara Green, and volunteer blood drive coordinator/Red Cross volunteer specialist Marie Rantz.

The American Red Cross is facing a looming blood shortage, leading to an urgent need for donors of all blood types to roll up a sleeve and give. Donations were down approximately 8 percent over the last 11 weeks, resulting in about 80,000 fewer donations than expected.

Share your good health! Platelet donors and blood donors with types O negative, B negative and A negative blood are especially needed. Type O negative is the universal blood type and can be transfused to anyone who needs blood. Types A negative and B negative can be transfused to Rh positive or negative patients.

With schools out of session and many regular donors busy or on vacation, it’s important to remember that patients don’t get a break from needing blood — the need is constant.

Many people say they don’t give blood or platelets because they were never asked. Consider yourself asked! Please roll up a sleeve and give blood for patients in need and help prevent an emergency shortage. For more information or to find a nearby donation opportunity, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS.


Red Cross Helps Service Man See Father During Critical Time

Chief Petty Officer Stephen Meyer, from Saint Charles Missouri, was aboard the USS Mesa Verde when his father suddenly became very ill. Stephen’s mother, Linda, desperately wanted her son to see his father before he passed.  Linda had to reach Stephen quickly because her son’s ship was due to leave port.  If the ship left the dock, Stephen very likely wouldn’t get home in time to see his father. Fortunately, Linda called the American Red Cross. A caseworker asked her for the name of his ship, where exactly he was stationed, and his rank. Armed with the information, the Red Cross made all the arrangements. Within hours, Stephen called his mother and let her know that he was approved. In less than 24 hours, Stephen was home with his dad. “If it hadn’t been for the Red Cross, Stephen wouldn’t have been able to see his dad before he passed,” his mother said.

Last year, the Red Cross helped more than 1,600 military families in the Greater St. Louis Region with 3,762 services, including emergency communications.

St. Louis Red Cross Celebrates July 4th with Veterans of our Armed Forces


The American Red Cross Greater St. Louis Region celebrated America’s birthday with our veterans at the VA St. Louis Hospital at Jefferson Barracks.
Red Cross volunteers, along with members of the Veterans Task Force of the Boeing Corporation, served a BBQ lunch to more than 100 veterans and guests. The participants also played Bingo, with special Red Cross prizes.
Thank you to all of the veterans for their service, kindness, and for welcoming us into their lives this 4th for a fun and entertaining afternoon.
To view photos from our time at the BBQ/Bingo event, click here.

Local Volunteers Represent Red Cross at VP Parade

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This July 4th, Red Cross volunteers joined thousands of others in Forest Park, to march in the 132nd annual VP Parade.

The Red Cross emergency disaster vehicle navigated the parade path, flanked by a couple of dozen volunteers who carried banners, waved flags and Red Cross signs.

“It was a great day with perfect weather,” said Carl Moskowitz, one of many invaluable volunteers that make what the Red Cross does, possible. “Crowds gave the Red Cross a great reception as we passed by. It made me feel good that we’re so appreciated.”

Thanks to those who joined us in the parade, and to the hundreds of volunteers who power our mission every day!

To view more photos from the parade, click here

Senator Durbin visits new Red Cross Swansea office with Majority leader Clayborn and local mayors


Cindy Erickson, CEO of the Saint Louis Red Cross, with Senator Durbin inspecting the Red Cross emergency disaster vehicle.


From left to right: Senator James F. Clayborne Jr., Mary Anderson, Mayor Eckert, U.S. Senator Durbin, Cindy Erickson.

Mary Anderson leading a tour of the new office.


Senator Durbin talks with local volunteers during the tour of the new facility in Southern Illinois.


Majority leader of the Senate in Illinois, James Clayborne poses with Mary Anderson of the Saint Louis Red Cross.

For more photos of the events and the guest, click here.


The St. Louis Red Cross Chapter Breathes Life into Safety Class

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On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 the Red Cross held a CPR certification class for professionals. The class covers CPR for adults, children, and infants. The students learn breathing techniques, how to perform chest compressions, and how to use AEDs.
“The class is very informative. Actually practicing these techniques really helped me retain all of the information. I feel I will be able to perform these life saving techniques should the need ever arise … , ” said Ciera, a 20 year old, planning (studying) to become a dental hygienist.
Red Cross instructor Karen has been teaching the class for 14 years; she is a true expert! Those attending the class were a diverse, eclectic group of 15 students, who wanted to delve deeper into their prospective profession. Most plan to join the medical field, as a nurse, physical therapist, dental assistant, and one student even aspires to become an EMT. The class is a fast-paced mix of lecture and hands-on practice using test mannequins. These mannequins make a clicking noise when chest compressions reach deep enough. At the end of the class, students take a comprehensive test covering all the information and techniques they learned throughout 6-hour class.
I’m happy to report, today, all passed and left the classroom better equipped to handle any challenge that they could face in their bright futures.